Fundraising Information

Big E Toys creates fundraising programs to match your needs.  You decide how much time and energy to put forth.  The money you make for your organization depends on your effort.  Choose a Hands-Free approach with a respectable return, a Do-It-Yourself program for a big gain, or some combination of both.  Programs include:

This is the easiest fundraising program to implement.  It requires very little effort from your group.  Big E Toys takes orders via an online webpage dedicated to your organization, and delivers games directly to customers.  You simply publicize the fundraiser with your constituents.  The better you get the word out, the more money your group can earn.  When the program is complete, Big E Toys sends a check directly to your organization.

The Do-It-Yourself approach provides the biggest potential return for your fundraising effort.  With this program, your organization takes orders for games from customers.  After submitting your order results to Big E Toys and taking delivery of games at a substantial discount off retail, your group delivers to customers.

Combo Program
Your organization can combine the Hands-Free and Do-It-Yourself approach for maximum benefit.  Order online and off, deliver direct and on-site.  We’ll create a customized program to maximize your return. 

Contact Chip Engdahl directly at 612.481.6603 or for more information.