New “Emotional Nutrition” Label for Stumblebum

These days, everybody can use a little fun in their lives. And what could be more fun than having a few laughs with friends or family? Take a look at the new Emotional Nutrition label on the charades-based game Stumblebum and you might be surprised just how much fun and laughter can be packed into a little box.

Of course, the Stumblebum Emotional Nutrition label can’t possibly reflect the actual fun and laughter any individual might derive from the game. But that’s not really the point. Studies have shown that laughter and humor can have a positive affect on our mental and physical lives. It seems so obvious, yet many of us don’t always make time for fun and laughter. Now is the time though. So get yourself a Stumblebum game today. And make sure to get a couple for your friends and family members. Stumblebum makes a great gift. Your lives will be better for it! BUY NOW!

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